Our firm was founded in 1967 by Georgios Manolopulos, civil engineer, who studied in Germany (T.H. Darmstadt) and set out to make his dream come true.


Our firm was founded in 1967 by Georgios Manolopulos, civil engineer, who studied in Germany (T.H. Darmstadt) and set out to make his dream come true.

During his studies, he worked in German construction firms and then launched his own firm in his hometown, which counted an average of five thousand constructions by the nineties. Among them hotels, industrial buildings, residential constructions and public works in the area of Elis as well as other major cities such as Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki. His dedication to his work, but above all his insatiable interest in contemporary methods and practices in architecture, soon made him a household name.

In the nineties his firstborn son, Alexander, following in his father’s footsteps, returned with his degree as an architect from T.U. Wien university, taking the firm to new heights, adding innovation in design and a new concept of structures. The building constructed since that period stand out due to their aesthetics and artistic approach, unlike any other.

Two more names came to add up to the success story, that of the architect E.-.I.-Markos Manolopulos (Universita’ G. d’ Annunzio) and Thomas Manolopulos head of the financial department. The four men bring with them the air of experience, artistic expression, vision and organizational skills.

With a team that today boasts about eighty employees, our objectives have culminated to producing the new generation of constructions and investments: the non- intrusive, serene and environmentally friendly edifice which caters to the investor’s need and targets.

Philosophy and mission

Architecture should not be conducive to stress or a hectic lifestyle, as is the case in the modern world. To us, it should constitute the springboard to insight and bliss for the inhabitant, citizen, visitor or observer. A construction promotes group conscience and a kind of societal unity and harmony, invaluable for social cohesion and solidarity.

Through simplicity of structure we endeavor to create non intrusive solutions which are able to stand in harmony with the environment as well as the psychological state of the individual. What our solutions lack is an attempt to create pop aesthetics and this is due to the uniqueness of each place, as is each of our designs.

That uniqueness, though, does not exorcise uniformity or a panoramic perspective of a city. We are in search of the common denominator which interweaves the whole without creating facsimiles.

Our mission by the year 2020 is to develop high standard projects in the Elis area that promote the development of a most exotic place in Greece. We have already created several proposals and business plans for investment in what we know to become the elit resort of the future. We are the experts in the development of Elis and conscious enough of the severity of our task: an area benefitted to the maximum with high scale tourist resorts and an investor satisfied with our impeccable services and breakthrough business plans.

Our Team

Georgios Manolopoulos

Civil Engineer

T.U. Darmstadt (DE)


Markos Manolopoulos


University G. d’Annuzio (IT)


Alexander Manolopoulos


T.U. Wien (AU)

Project Manager

Thomas Manolopoulos

Financial Manager

Kirsten Mayer

Landscape Architect

F.H. Nuertingen (DE)

Design Manager

Construction team