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Our Region

Elis Region

Elis or Ilia in Greek is one of the units on the peninsula. Administratively, it belongs to the region of West Greece but it is on the territory of Peloponnese. The Capital town of Elis region is Pyrgos

The west side of Elis has long sandy beaches, including Elia – one of the longest beaches in Greece. Interesting places to visit in the region are:

  • The historical site of ancient Olympia
  • The Crusader fortress of Chlemoutsi near Kastro village

The port of Kyllini in the north part of this region provides regular ferry connections to the Ionian islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaka.

Why invest in Elis?

  • Breathtaking sceneries
  • Natural resources
  • History and tradition
  • 100 Km of sandy coastline
  • 300 sunshine days in the year
  • Accessibility from major European cities
  • Health Care facilities
  • Well- educated and specialised human resources
  • The best financial incentive in Europe
  • Year round operation
  • Unmet demand

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